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Behind the Music

The initial concept is the brain child of independent songwriter/guitar player Sukhendu Chakraborty. In 2012 the concept took shape, from where a Modern Metal sound goes perfectly in tune with a progressive ambient and turned into a prog-instrumental audio-visual project.
The new album "Return of RA" is a themed album brainstormed by Sukhendu and Deeptaroop and it took 5 years to set the narrative, compose the tracks and produce them accordingly. The album is based on re-incarnation of the Hindu God "Shiva" in form of a young village child named 
"Ra" who is set to avenge his parents demise and to train a warrior clan of kids to fight against Military and Corporate colonization who are set to take over village and forest lands in order to build ammunition factories and industries. 
The whole concept is hoped to be delivered in form of an animation audio visual format later followed by two more albums to establish and conclude the entire narrative. 
The Album consists of 11 tracks and is mixed and mastered at John Paul Studios. Artwork and Logo is done by twin artists Bob-Bobby. 
The album features guests artist Bodhisatwa Ghosh, John Paul, Pritam "BOB" Mideey and Amit Shankar Dutt  who have considerably contributed to the album with their creative mastery. Bass tracking has been done by Snehargha Banerjee. 



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